Wrapping Up Vacation

This is the final morning of my vacation before heading back to the office tomorrow. I might be wrong, but I think the ten day respite has been the longest in at least a year and a half. The story of the past eighteen months is a story in itself, but today I’m thinking more about what’s been happening and what’s just ahead back at my desk.

U.S.S. Constellation, Inner Harbor Baltimore, MD

We left for a student conference/competition in Baltimore, MD last Friday, driving that night to the NC/VA line. That left six hours to Fairfax, VA for Saturday’s drive through the foothills. Sunday was left relatively open for time in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Institution and the National Mall. The rest of the week was spent in Baltimore with 4300+ of our closest friends from around the country (and from Germany, which Vicki found to be exceedingly cool). The kids competed in various technology and creativity events, and in the off hours we walked all over our end of Inner Harbor. We found some great food, the most awesome Barnes & Noble ever, and lots of great photo opportunities.

And the Gamecocks won the NCAA Baseball Championship. Can’t leave that one out – had to watch and participate from afar, making me that much more grateful for friends on Twitter and Facebook sharing the excitement via social media channels.

We drove back all day Friday and the ginormous payoff was being able to sleep in our own beds, with my big plus being my own pillow. Having the full three-day weekend to recuperate is working out well: celebrating Independence Day with the family, small pre-birthday lunch (Best Buy gift cards – the gifts that keep on giving), and movies this morning.

So here’s Monday. I’ve grown to embrace the first day of the week, even more so with a holiday. I’m ready to head back, and the whole point of writing here is that I’ve been ready to get back for most of the week. I don’t mean workaholic-like – instead, I’ve kept up with work happenings and have read some good creative thought-inducing posts on social media that I want to put into play. We’ve enjoyed family time together, travel time away, and new adventures and memories that have been fun and exciting. And now, it’s time to get back into Life with that renewed vigor and excitement to keep doing what we’re passionate about in the marketplace.

I don’t want or need a vacation to recuperate from the vacation. This time away has been better than that. I’ll be ready for tomorrow morning’s alarm after enjoying the rest of today, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of the week has in store.

NOTE: as always, I reserve the right to change my mind when the alarm actually goes off tomorrow morning at 6am.


School’s Out

Stone Mountain, GA Summer 2004

It’s the weekend after the final week of school for Vicki and the kids. I give her grief, but I’m glad that as a teacher she gets the summer off to refresh and rejuvenate. Both children had good years, and as they’ve gotten older their personalities have started to shine through in all the interaction with friends, classmates, teachers and each other.

Trace is fourteen, getting ready to head to high school next year. Cammi is twelve, growing up into her own as well. They both have abilities and gifts, humor and passion that will help guide them into whatever they decide to do with their lives. It’s fun to see, and it’s a good burden to have as a parent to “train up a child in the way he/she should go…”

The past few weeks, that “training” has taken the form of movies. They’ve both now seen the original KARATE KID, and I spent one weekend introducing Trace to FLETCH and STAR TREK IV (that’s right, the one with the whales and William Shatner explaining cursing to Spock). Tonight, there’s no telling what we might choose – and that’s the fun part of summer, right?

I’m also trying to raise them up on the joys of a good book while watching baseball. The Braves are on a tear, and tonight the Gamecocks continue on in their regional against the Citadel. I loved many summer days, especially the way too hot ones or the will it ever stop raining ones, kicking back on the couch or out on the porch swing with a Braves game on the TV/radio and just chillaxing before we knew what chillaxing was.

Think we’re going to pull up SILVERADO on the Netflix Wii and enjoy the A/C a bit.