Are You Ready For Some…?


Weekend Whatever

This week, Vicki went though the hullabaloo of getting me a new upgraded iPhone 4. My former 3G phone is now hers, and I think it’s growing on her. But this new phone, for me, is such a huge improvement. Super fast, longer-lasting battery, new features, HD video, FaceTime – for all the naysayers, I say ppfftt! to you. Anyone can find things wrong with __fill in the blank__, but if it works it just works – at least til the next best thing ever comes along. I’ve never had problems with AT&T, only have a couple of dropped call spots around town. Otherwise, I’m a confident customer, consumer and user.

And did I mention that I love love love the new iPhone 4?

I’m off the World Cup soccer bandwagon. Team USA represented well, but now I’m going back to not caring about soccer. It’s a great game – easy to watch and pick up from afar. But it’s just not the same as football, basketball or even baseball. I don’t know why soccer has not taken hold here like it has so prominently everywhere else in the world. Whatever it is, it’s the same thing that makes figure skating only worthwhile once every four years.

Right now, SC Gamecocks are up 2-1 on Clemson for the second spot in the NCAA Baseball Championship series. Well, now it’s tied 2-2 with Clemson still batting top of the 7th. Story of the season, always making it hard but worth it.

We drove a few hours last night, about twice as far today, and now we are twenty minutes west of Washington, DC. Tomorrow: Smithsonian. I’m looking forward to walking through the museums and sharing my first time through with our kids on their first time through. So much of life is about relationships and shared experiences, or as we’ll come to call it, “Sunday”.

It’s SC 4 – CU 2 heading to the Top of the 8th. Back to watching the game in chillax mode.

UPDATE: SC 4, CU 3 – Gamecocks heading into the best-of-two with UCLA. Hoping THIS is the year- Go ‘Cocks!


  • New iPhone 4 as soon as it’s available
  • iPad, but honestly, for purely business-related functions
  • An evening away with my wife, no kids, a hotel suite – did I mention no kids? – and complimentary breakfast
  • A film festival in #FamouslyHot Columbia, SC for Hitchcock releases in theaters around town
  • A Gamecock championship in the NCAA Baseball tournament
  • A new Mini Cooper, but this can wait awhile ’til it’s really “needed” (read: new driver in the house)
  • Geeky office accessories
  • A palmetto pecan latte’ – about right now, from Jamestown Coffee Co. – do they deliver?

thoughts on football

  • Twenty-oneĀ  football seasons ago, I met Vicki and we went to SC football games. I’m exceedingly grateful to have found a friend and life-mate who enjoys sports with me, something I do not take for granted. We’ve now known each other longer than we didn’t know each other before, and there are years of tailgating and good/bad games under our belts together.
  • I used to go to our high school football games more, even at least a game or two on the road back in the day. Airport High beat cross-suburb rival B-C the other night. I’m not personally as much into those games these days, and I’m not sure why. Probably just that it’s Friday after what have proved to be long stressful weeks. But I’m going to chang that this season, I hope.
  • In high school, Airport was pretty good. They are on the cusp again most years, but not breaking through to the top quite yet.
  • Then there’s the Gamecocks – would enjoy a really good season this year. There aren’t many bandagon Gamecock fans, mainly because mediocre doesn’t have a bandwagon. But there’s always next year, and with the first game still unplayed, it feels like this can be the one. At least until the day after that first game, right?
  • I remember driving with James and our dates to the Union game in high school. His date shot him in the leg – it was a cap gun, it looked real, he made her freak. That was fun and memorable.
  • We’ve been playing fantasy football for a few seasons. I never really got into the NFL with anything more than a passing interest, but with FFB it’s been easy to make autumn weekends all football all the time. It’s the only sport I can play “fantasy” with – it’s once a week, not every day like NBA or MLB and others, and I’ve got just enough attention span on a weekend to prepare.
  • We’ve seen some great wins, probably more disheartening losses, and had some good times together at ballgames. Looking forward to Thursday night’s opener against NC State. We’re undefeated and don’t take that for granted at any point in the timeline, right?