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Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep.~Denis Waitley


When a man repeats a promise again and again, he means to fail you.


Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.
~Author Unknown

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Quick disjointed post with a few things going through my mind lately:

  • Politics – Jon Stewart called us “South Carolina, the Whoopie Cushion of the Nation”, and I don’t think there is anything we can do about it. People don’t pay attention outside their own narrow perspectives. Something that should be about the best for the community is instead about the best for those who believe the same things the same way I do. That’s sad. Unfortunately, it’s also funny.
  • iPhone – June 24.
  • Passion – When I see someone who’s got a passion for what they’re doing, it’s contagious. When people work hard and enjoy what they’re doing, there’s something palpable in the air. I’m finding that it’s something you can’t manufacture, something you can’t fake. But when it’s there, you know it. And everyone around knows it, too. Now, if you know anyone like that – what are you going to do in response?


I saw this in my Twitter stream this afternoon:

I love introducing good people to other good people.
Tue May 11 3:05pm via web

I couldn’t say it better myself, so I wanted to post and give credit for its simplicity and meaningfulness. One of the things I appreciate about people like Sarah, and something I want to cultivate more in myself, is the desire to connect the right people to the right people to get the right things done, to get the right questions asked, to get the right solutions working the right way.

Are you a connector? Someone who likes to introduce good people to other good people? Or better maybe, do people come to you expecting you to know to whom they can connect to meet a need, to help a cause, to scratch an itch?

[ht: other “connectors” connected through this connection – @RadioAlexander, @LindsayAnvik, @calliemiller, @LisaJohnson]


I posted some time ago about “content versus content” – what fills your space compared to how we feel about your space, or something like that. This post is different, yet the more I think about it we’re in the same basic brainstorm, aren’t we?

Some people are great at providing content. Whatever they write, wherever they take a photograph, whenever they speak or share what’s on their heart – these folks have something worthwhile going on and they know how to use it. Maybe you look up to some of them, or maybe you employ some of them. Maybe you are one of them, in which case you can skip down to the comments and tell me what you’re thinking.

But sometimes, there’s nothing but an empty well. Folks without content might still be overly prolific, but what they’re piping out is just filler. They might be using lots of words, might be spouting big high-falutin’ fancy sounding jargon, but in the end you learn nothing, you get nothing, and you’ve lost a part of your life that time will never get back. You know some, or maybe you are one. I’m betting that if you are one you don’t know it – but if that’s the case, you didn’t read this far and you’re adding filler to my comments right now. If you suspect you might be in this category and you’re still reading though, I’ve got one more thing.

As someone who appreciates good content, and who hopefully shares and expresses good content, or at least can show that I’m one who’s trying hard to be the former over the latter – I ask this question: Are you content? And if not – why not? It’s my experience that reveals that those who share good content are by and large more content than those who are merely living out the filler. So if you’re not happy or you’re not content…

Fill up on the good stuff. Fill up on good content. Fill up to overflowing on good writing, great photography, seriously deep movies, fun really joyful films. Stop eating the junk food of life, the filler that makes us think we’re full but really only masks the real hunger inside. And start eating the good stuff.

Those who have decent content are, generally speaking, full of good content themselves because that is what they are filling up with in this life. They are content, generally speaking, because their tastes and drives have brought them to this point. And the flipside downside is equally true: those with “just filler” are living off the crap, and the only overflow they have is of the porcelain variety in the… well, you get the picture.

embracing mondays

Conversation on Twitter with Otis Taylor, 03/28/2010:

Me: Anyone else ready for Monday? Yeah, me neither…
9:40 PM Mar 28th via Tweetie

OT: @RickCaffeinated Mondays are my most productive days. Looking forward to it.
9:44 PM Mar 28th via TweetDeck in reply to RickCaffeinated

Me: @otisatthestate – agreed. The anticipation of Monday is often worse than it actually turns out. Bring it on.
9:49 PM Mar 28th via Tweetie in reply to otisatthestate

OT: @RickCaffeinated I’ve fortunately wired myself to embrace Mondays-and to work on the weekend. Got so much done today.
11:13 PM Mar 28th via Echofon in reply to RickCaffeinated

Just a short exchange, but it impacted me. Why did I have to look at Monday and see doom, despair and agony on me? Why did Sunday afternoon have to be a ramp up for something painful and unavoidable? So, with this mindset starting to shift in me, for the past two weeks I’ve been intentionally changing my focus towards Monday to something more positive, more in line with who I am, more about what I want to accomplish in a given workweek. Starting with Sunday, I’ve tried to not see oh-no-it’s-the-end-of-the-weekend, and instead have been focusing on oh-boy-I-get-to-work-on-something-new-doing-work-I-enjoy-with-the-best-people-on-the-planet.

Or at least, trying to keep it positive and reward-focused on if-I-at-least-get-through-the-week-I’ll-get-another-of-these-weekend-things-soon-enough-along-with-a-paycheck-and-food-on-the-table. (Next I need to work on using-too-many-hyphenated-italicized-sentences, I think.)

There’s something to be said for the power of positive thinking. That’s a catchphrase, a buzzword that maybe has been rendered powerless to bring about any real meaning and change. But there’s truth there, standing on the understanding that most of what passes through me in my day is of my own doing. My responses and reactions to external stimuli come from the overflow of who I think I am, of what I think about this world, of my thoughts on God and the people around me and the interactions that take place in this block of time and space.

Or taken another way, if I look at Monday with fear or angst or melancholy, then that’s how my perception of Monday will treat me back. If I can have a more positive, more energizing, more imaginative outlook on the whole enterprise, however, then there’s a chance Monday will look back on me with some favor and progress as well.

Notice it’s not Monday that’s having the problem. It’s not Monday trying to be all big and bad. That’s just an arbitrary day in a relatively arbitrary set of days. Letting it have control over me anymore than that has been a losing proposition for too long. It would be like being mad at the color Yellow – it can’t change, so it’s more likely that if it ever gets better, I’d better be the one stepping up to the plate to do something about it.

[confession: I’m writing this early Monday morning 04/12, setting it to post this evening after 6pm or so. If Monday sucks, I reserve the right to take all this crap back. Deal?]

christmastime is near

  • Baby Jesus in a manger because there’s no room inside
  • Traffic at the mall each and every night
  • Precious Moments Nativity scene
  • Commercials telling me the perfect gift for her – when they don’t even know her
  • Kids looking forward to Christmas break
  • Decorating the tree
  • The smell of ginger snap cookies
  • My wife the Teacher looking forward to Christmas break
  • My stocking hung up in my cubicle at work with care
  • Santa Claus specials on TV
  • Ralphie shooting his eye out, over and over in the TNT marathon
  • Advent calendars
  • White elephant presents
  • Raking leaves
  • Reindeer
  • Screwing around with the Precious Moments Nativity scene (there’s a Christmas Octopus, for Pete’s sake – just begs for be messed with)
  • Sleighbells
  • The smell of pine and sap
  • Fireplace
  • Festivus
  • Christmas cards
  • Linus reciting Luke 2 (KJV)
  • Seven covers of Carol Of The Bells on my iPhone
  • Driving through Lexington County looking at lights
  • Breakfast pizza
  • Jeff opening his presents earlier and earlier (this year, it was Easter)
  • Waking the kids up on December 25th
  • Merry Christmas

midweek whatever

  • Today was a pretty good day; needed to be after what amounted to TWO Mondays
  • I’m looking forward to upcoming changes and opportunities. Or, as I believe, anything with the proper coffee in hand
  • GI Joe – 2.5 stars, not bad, better then Wolverine
  • WIPEOUT is the best show on television – you have got to love the Big Balls
  • G-Force – kids gave 3D version 2.5 out of 5, and hooray for pooping mice
  • Vicki started back to school today, with the kids starting back next week; poor family, so sad
  • Ate brats at Mom & Dad’s tonight – I am so full right now
  • Time to read – want to finish THE TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE before seeing the movie next week