Social Media “Return On Investment” Panel

Old Confederate Printing Plant - Columbia, SCphoto © 2010 geraldbrazell | more info (via: Wylio)April SMC – ROI Panel Discussion | Social Media Club Columbia.

Click through above to information on Thursday evening’s get-together downtown. One of the biggest questions around social media for business is “how can I make money with this?” – and I’m hoping our time together will provide some of those answers.

On top of that, it’s a great way to meet folks from around town who are also working in these same marketing/business/social media/networking fields.

See you there.


“Whatcha doin’?”

For the past few months I’ve been building a repository of social media articles and thoughts and quotes over on my tumblr blog, “Over Coffee”. I’ve learned lots of new ways to process and think about what I’m doing professionally and what I’m helping others with on a more personal level. But I’ve also been trying to watch for ways to do just a bit more than Tumblr, up to now, has been able to allow.

Enter the second level of “Over Coffee” – I’ve moved the posts from Tumblr to Blogger and I’m happy with the new space there. I was able to redirect my domain to the new site, so whatever branding and name I’m building can continue on. And we’re sitting on a weekend with some extra downtime so I can play with the site, add some pages from the old site, and get it looking hospitable and friendly for anyone happening by.

This blog will continue to be a journal of what’s going on, life stuff, coffee musings – all the usual. But for the first time since starting, my blogging feels right going in two different but still complementary directions. This site will be more personal with some of the ways my professional growth might affect my growth in various areas. And the other more professionally-directed website will have some writing on how personal life impacts over there as well. It’s still a great deal of back and forth, but I look forward to having “the other side of the coin” on the web.


I’ve started a new online endeavor that I’m hoping will not be too much overkill for those of you who don’t care, and will be a useful place for help and information for those who do.


I set up the blog to point to a new domain, and my intention is that this new space on the web will be a repository for all the stuff I’ve been willy-nilly tossing around the past few months. Tumblr is free, the webspace was cheap enough from GoDaddy, and we’re all set to… well, to just try something new.

I’ve had inquiries from a handful of folks into social media/marketing kinds of things. So this new site is an attempt to gather those links, quotes and stories into one space while still posting the updates to Facebook and Twitter. Hopefully add value on anyone’s clickthrough by sharing why I think this or that is important in the first place. Online social interaction can be a scary place full of TMI, but it can also be a rewarding experience personally and a beneficial one publicly and professionally as well.

Anyway, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, comment, suggest or whatever. I hope the new digs will be good for us, and I’ll take all the help I can get.


I saw this in my Twitter stream this afternoon:

I love introducing good people to other good people.
Tue May 11 3:05pm via web

I couldn’t say it better myself, so I wanted to post and give credit for its simplicity and meaningfulness. One of the things I appreciate about people like Sarah, and something I want to cultivate more in myself, is the desire to connect the right people to the right people to get the right things done, to get the right questions asked, to get the right solutions working the right way.

Are you a connector? Someone who likes to introduce good people to other good people? Or better maybe, do people come to you expecting you to know to whom they can connect to meet a need, to help a cause, to scratch an itch?

[ht: other “connectors” connected through this connection – @RadioAlexander, @LindsayAnvik, @calliemiller, @LisaJohnson]


I posted some time ago about “content versus content” – what fills your space compared to how we feel about your space, or something like that. This post is different, yet the more I think about it we’re in the same basic brainstorm, aren’t we?

Some people are great at providing content. Whatever they write, wherever they take a photograph, whenever they speak or share what’s on their heart – these folks have something worthwhile going on and they know how to use it. Maybe you look up to some of them, or maybe you employ some of them. Maybe you are one of them, in which case you can skip down to the comments and tell me what you’re thinking.

But sometimes, there’s nothing but an empty well. Folks without content might still be overly prolific, but what they’re piping out is just filler. They might be using lots of words, might be spouting big high-falutin’ fancy sounding jargon, but in the end you learn nothing, you get nothing, and you’ve lost a part of your life that time will never get back. You know some, or maybe you are one. I’m betting that if you are one you don’t know it – but if that’s the case, you didn’t read this far and you’re adding filler to my comments right now. If you suspect you might be in this category and you’re still reading though, I’ve got one more thing.

As someone who appreciates good content, and who hopefully shares and expresses good content, or at least can show that I’m one who’s trying hard to be the former over the latter – I ask this question: Are you content? And if not – why not? It’s my experience that reveals that those who share good content are by and large more content than those who are merely living out the filler. So if you’re not happy or you’re not content…

Fill up on the good stuff. Fill up on good content. Fill up to overflowing on good writing, great photography, seriously deep movies, fun really joyful films. Stop eating the junk food of life, the filler that makes us think we’re full but really only masks the real hunger inside. And start eating the good stuff.

Those who have decent content are, generally speaking, full of good content themselves because that is what they are filling up with in this life. They are content, generally speaking, because their tastes and drives have brought them to this point. And the flipside downside is equally true: those with “just filler” are living off the crap, and the only overflow they have is of the porcelain variety in the… well, you get the picture.

posting tweets

Twitter has rolled out a new way to post from Twitter. Before, choices were to cut/paste the text or to take a screenshot. Now, with Blackbird-Pie, they “bake” your tweet link and shoot out the embed code:

RT @jamestowncoffee: @brianonthescene: we’ll stay out of feud between grandma & Megan Fox, but we’ll keep making Palmetto Pecan Lattes.less than a minute ago via DestroyTwitter

I added that inside blockquote tags with lines. It takes on the form of your blog/template/settings, so I’m not sure if I like it or not. But it’s another option – and I’m all about options.

once upon an april first

On Thursday, I maintained a relative “radio silence” for the benefit of “a little joke” for April Fools. I’ve done this before.

I realized early on that in order to maintain the illusion, I would need to NOT SHARE ANY of the cool things, good articles, deep thoughts that normally wander through my twitter feed and google reader through the day. I share to let others see and to keep an archive somewhat of new and innovative stuff for me to click back to later, and not doing this through the day would have been a major bummer.

So here are some of the things that have been through my wheelhouse today that would have been shared/facebooked/twittered. It’s been a good day, even if my “april fool” wasn’t all that in the end…