We didn’t leave cliques behind in high school—we build them every day. Don’t think so? Look around you. Look at whose blogs you read. Whose attention you want. Whose influence you chase.

Clique, Clique…BOOM | Brass Tack Thinking – posting this one because (1) it’s a great case study in its own premise because (2) it’ll take me all weekend to read through the comments/discussion built. Great job, Tamsen. Whew, stretchy.


I’m writing this post because it further dawns on me that you might not be considering the ramifications of how you use your LinkedIn-to-Twitter connection.

Lose Opportunities in LinkedIn – @chrisbrogan nails it short and sweet. I’m digging a bit more into LinkedIN from our corporate perspective and for further interactions for those looking to build networking and employment opportunities.

I attended a presentation recently which was purportedly a panel about using social media in business. The panel was driven by an organization which didn’t have a background of social media engagement, and was spearheaded by an individual who, with no social media experience, opened the event by announcing that he had written a book which had everything you could ever possibly need to know about social media (a bold statement to say the least).

Subverting Social Media – Social Media Marketing Institute Blog – Social Media Marketing Institute – there is a wave of distrust building over folks claiming to be “social media experts”. In my own mind, I can count the folks I’d considered “gurus” on one hand – this is more about “I know where the bandwagon is and what all the buzzwords are, so pay me mega$ and we can help your business.” Spot on article here on the difference between what’s really happening and the problem with those who don’t “get it”.

Social media isn’t a vocation.

Social Media is Not a Vocation – @chrisbrogan has a point here, and I’m trying to wrap my head around what it means. For me, I consider myself a Developer. At my former place of employment, I had risen to Senior Programmer/Analyst. My initial title in my current job was Web Developer, and as we’ve grown we’ve changed that to Social Media Developer. The fun side wants to emphasize the Social Media part, but I think and act and work from the Developer side of that equation. Hmm.

The Old Spice Guy is a social media rockstar. As part of a brilliant viral marketing campaign, The Old Spice Guy has been creating and sending out videos via Twitter to bloggers who have written about him, YouTube commenters, and various people who have tweeted at him.

Old Spice Guy is social media rockstar – click through for a short article on what @OldSpice is doing with the viral nature of Twitter. “Brilliant” is indeed the best word for describing that they’re doing with the branded trending topics on Twitter. Or as my wife commented last night, “You know your husband is a geek when twitter & youtube impress him this much. Cough-geek-cough.”