Great thoughts on the basics of scoping out social media for your business endeavors. (Really, just tagging it for the cool artwork.)


After a long vacation or break from work, how difficult is it getting cranked back up again? In many ways, working your passion means productivity never really lagged, is always a part of you in downtimes and on the clock… Being refreshed is the reward and the coming payoff heading back to the office after vacation.


Like many young fathers, Leon Britton Jr. begins his day early, at 5 a.m. But not because of a crying baby. He lives two miles away from his daughter, Diamond, who is 2 1/2, and her mother, Rosa Colon, who is expecting their second child in August. Mr. Britton commutes from the Pelham Parkway neighborhood of the Bronx to Long Island City, Queens, where he works as an animal control technician. At 3 p.m., he heads for Ms. Colon’s apartment in the Gun Hill section of the Bronx, where he hangs out with Diamond until about 9 p.m., then returns to his own place to sleep. Mr. Britton, 20, is among 16 graduates of the three-year-old Bronx Fatherhood Program, which trains men ages 16 to 24 in bathing and feeding their children, and how to get along with the children’s mother to help win or keep visitation or custodial rights. (via NYTimes)