Are You Ready For Some…?


Fish & Eggs & Jeeves & Gamecocks

I rolled my lazy sleepy over-turkeyed carcass out of bed this morning for a quick shower before breakfast at Brunches. We had a good time of conversation over my catfish & scrambled eggs (in the photo below, clockwise from top left: me, Chuck, George, "Todd").


After that, I drove to Books-A-Million for some minor book-gift-shopping. My brother was going to meet me, but when his Jeep had battery issues, it was Jeeves and I to the rescue. 112407_1021Everything was great after a little Mini booster juice, I guess. We went to the bookstore, got my parcels and some Joe Muggs, and then I went to Publix for chili fixin’s. That’s right – chili at Dad’s for the Big Game, USC vs. Clemson tonight from Williams-Brice.

My quick prediction as a Gamecock fan:
USC 24Clemson 10

If it’s close, I fear it’ll be the other way, and if it’s not close, I dread it’ll be way way the other way.

UPDATE: USC 21, Clemson 23, with a last second field goal providing the winning points. Argh.

Saturday GameDay

cash advanceIt’s Saturday – a typically lazy cozy day for us after what’s been a long stressed week. The Gamecocks are off today for football (though most would be able to make the case for them being "off" the past four or five weeks, too). But in basketball we get to play the Other USC – Southern Cal versus South Carolina tonight at the Colonial Center. With the way the football team has been living down to expectations, I’ve got to say that I’m pumped for basketball season.

After lunch with George yesterday at Cracker Barrel (complete with mutant straws), we hung out last night with my Dad and Memaw while Vicki & my Mom went to the Christmas Craft Fair. The best line I read concerning the upcoming holiday was from Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News on their blog: "It’s the holiday shopping season (formerly known simply as the holiday season)…" (ht: The Daily Nightly). I’ve got to be honest – I’m thinking simpler and cheaper for me this Christmas. There’s nothing I really want as gifts that would break the bank. In previous years we’ve given ourselves the big screen TV and the new family laptop, but honestly, a few tshirts, new underwear, and some iTunes/Starbucks cards, and I think I’m good. I can wait for one of these. At the same time, I want to go simple and fun for Vicki and the kids, too. "Simpler is Funner" Christmas sounds like a decent theme, don’t you think?

“Start Strong” – or, Not

Florida is in town playing the Gamecocks tonight. Under five minutes and we lost the ball on a fumble that led to the first TD, and then had a rugby punt blocked to give Tebow another opportunity for a TD. The second PAT hit the uprights and bounced back, so it’s only 0-13.

The next three plays, we pass all the way down the field. First & goal at the UF 3-yd line. We can play – but we also shoot ourselves in the foot.

We "control our own destiny". Argh.

Update: 7-13, since we scored after a fumble (ours, and we got it back). Sigh.

Turning Point? Just picked up a UF fumble. Maybe that PAT bouncing off was our momentum switch? TD Carolina, and PAT for us makes it 14-13.

Non-Turning Point – USC might pull it out, but I doubt it. Down 17-37 right now, 4:26 left in the 3rd Quarter. Sigh. And again I say, sigh.

Final: UF 51 – USC 31

Morning Donut Run

It’s a breezy 46F this morning, perfect time to make a run to Starbucks and Krispy Kreme if I do say so myself. I took Cam – she enjoys little errands, and it’s a good time for us to talk and catch up on what’s imporant in her world. We took Little Penguin with us – she made sure to tell me that he actually thought it was a bit warm for his taste outside this morning.

Cloodle She ordered a kid-sized hot choc from S’bucks – her first hot drink from there, and she enjoyed it immensely. We picked up a chocolate milk for big brother, a tall pumpkin spice latte for mom, and I’m nursing the end of my venti macchiato. We also picked up a new game to try tonight – Cloodle, from the folks at Cranium. We’re all about the doodles, so I think this’ll be fun as we sit around the coffeetable, draw goofy things on white slips of paper, and watch the Gamecocks take apart the Arkansas Razorbacks. We hope. at least the drawing game might be fun.

After the coffee/cocoa run, we stopped at Krispy Kreme. The only thing Cayce has going for it over the rest of the Columbia Metro area is KK. We bought a dozen glazed and a dozen with half pumpkin spice cake and half chocolate glazed/filled. We talked more about the penguin’s hopefulness at winter approaching, about her friend’s soccer match today, about new webkinz toys she wanted for Christmas, and about how we missed Jeeves as we saw a cream-colored Mini pass by. He should be home by Tuesday of next week, and I’m thinking next Saturday might be another good day for an early morning coffee/donut run.