Listing books read – let’s see if I can get to 25 listed by the end of 2012 (before the Mayans win).

1) HUNGER GAMES, Suzanne Collins
I wanted to make sure to finish this one before the movie comes out. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but waiting ’til after the movie now to see if I want to read the next in the series.

From 2010 (the last time I tried to keep a list):

A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES, John Kennedy Toole – audiobook 02/04
After having tried over the years to read this one, I jumped on the free audio download and loved the characterizations and voices. I think I’ve met Ignatius Reilly a time or two over the years…

LAST NIGHT IN TWISTED RIVER, John Irving – book currently reading
Enjoying the read so far, just finding it hard to find time to read in bites bigger than a chapter at a time

HEAR NO EVIL, Matthew Paul Turner – book 03/02
Always like Matt’s writing, the chapter on Amy Grant nailed the jello to the wall for me

CRUSH IT, Gary Vaynerchuk – book 05/16
Really motivated me to get a move on, make what I do more about my own passions.

THE IMPERIAL CRUISE, James Bradley – audio 07/06
Provocative look at actions of Teddy Roosevelt‘s administration that led ultimately to the disastrous attacks on Pearl Harbor.


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