Rough, Lovable Monday

I’m a fan of Monday – my Sunday afternoons, I prepare for the week ahead mentally and emotionally so I can hit the ground running the next morning. But I totally understand Monday angst. Nay, I was once a hardcore participant in Monday’s whininess. So here’s some thoughts from a few weeks ago, a Monday that didn’t play nice:

Had a rough day yesterday. Over the past year or so, I’ve become a fan of Mondays. I used to dread having to go back to work, get into the daily grind – but I’ve learned that Monday is really just a starting point like any other starting point and that what I make of it is entirely up to me.

That might have been true yesterday as well, but I didn’t see it. From the beginning with my driver-side window sticking to my PC boot-up that went offensively awry, it was downhill mentally. I had no juice, no gumption to get anything productive done. I wanted the “Home” button on my PC to do just that – one click to take me Home. But there was no do-over available.

After work, I was stuck in traffic – heading through town to try to make my Jury Duty assignment at 5:30pm. That’s right: Jury Duty AFTER WORK on a Monday. See what I mean about this being out of my control? I ended up about five minutes late – which was okay, arriving just in time to answer, “Is there anyone arriving late who has not been checked off?” The only upside was that with a handful of DUI cases to seat juries for, the judge wasn’t able to field enough jurors so we were all dismissed an hour later. An hour sitting on a pew in a courtroom: one of the HIGHLIGHTS of this particular Monday.


One thought on “Rough, Lovable Monday

  1. James Kirk says:

    Your DRIVER’S SIDE WINDOW STUCK TO YOUR PC BOOT UP? Oh my – what a rotten Monday! Your tone was one of under-caffeination. I’ll try to fix that. Come see me for a complimentary bag of our Jamestown 1607 Dark Roast. It will put lifts in your shoes when you need them.

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