Music Fans and Grief

A friend of mine passed away a few years ago. I never met RN in real life, but the interaction through years of email and the beginnings of Facebook were pretty solid. Twitter wasn’t necessarily his favorite. Not sure, but I think once he could’ve warmed up to Google+ he might have enjoyed that. Anyway, he was older than me, pastoring churches in TX over the time we knew each other, playing guitar in services and in jam bands. He was instrumental in helping me to dig through “my faith”, to read some instrumental and controversial books, and to figure out things for myself, still providing a foundation for me to stand on confidently today.

One Thursday, I sent him an invite to a new book-reading/sharing site online. He joined that night, added a couple of books. On Friday, he died. Just like that. Too young, not done, unfinished – but after making a deep impact on my life and, I’m sure, the lives of many others.

One of the things that comes back from time to time is his appreciation for the band O.A.R. I had never heard of them, had completely off my radar. But that Friday, based on some Facebook interaction we’d had shortly before, I bought my first O.A.R. album on iTunes. I liked it. And I’ve been at least a distant fan since.

Their new album, KING (deluxe, only way to go – not an affiliate link), is the best of theirs that I’ve yet discovered, and it floods me with “wow, this is really really good” and “wonder what R would’ve thought about this” – and that mix of emotion and musical growth has me reminiscing and sentimentalizing this morning…

Thanks for that, R. Hope you’re able to find the chord charts.


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