“Married Guys Can Take A Higher Setting”

I love Dilbert. This is funny. But I do not know why. Really, no idea. And I’m not changing my story.



5 thoughts on ““Married Guys Can Take A Higher Setting”

  1. That is hilarious!

  2. Juan Rubio says:

    I read Dilbert strip this morning and I am still thinking about the meaning.
    What means this sentence? :

    “Married Guys Can Take A Higher Setting”

    I try to think but I don’t get the meaning.

    (one who tries every day of learning more about English language)

    • Rick says:

      Means that her laser eyes were not adjusted for unmarried guys. If you are married, you can take more of the staring/power – but since he was not married, it was too much.

      How’s that?

  3. Juan Rubio says:

    Yes really, thanks!
    When one is married knows better to manage some kind of situations, although I think that for protecting against an angry look coming from a woman you would need a good firewall !

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