Japan, Hawaii and Dilbert

… but eventually even the moon evacuated.

via Scott Adams Blog: Vacation 03/14/2011.

After the tsunami - newsfeed of aftermath at sendai airportphoto © 2011 Jocelyn Khoo | more info (via: Wylio)Many of us are still in shock with each new piece of news coming in from Japan and all that continues to unfold. Vicki, having spent a solid autumn in 1989 in Nagasaki teaching conversational English, has been understandably blown away from the moment we woke up Friday morning last week. The blogpost above from Scott Adams, Dilbert creator, tells his story of starting vacation the day before in Hawaii – how they felt as the tsunami rushed towards the islands.

Over here in the east, I can only imagine the fears in Hawaii and later on the west coast as the waves moved across the largest ocean on the planet. As we hear of the Japanese island shifting eight feet east, of the earth shifting its axis by about four inches – all I can think is: Whoa. The enormity of the event and the devastation still being assessed is too much to take in.

What I liked about Adams’ post above is that it’s just his story. In the end, that’s all any of us will ever have. And what we do with it, how we share and move on and heal, will be the only thing in this catastrophe that matters.

* Click for Google’s collection of response information & donations


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