“Love Wins”

Saw this today on Twitter and Facebook. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a full on theological heresy take shape. Thought I had cleaned up my stream from most of that. Not complaining, I love a good discussion – just let it be one where we learn from each other, ok? Not worth it if we end up burning one of us at the stake.

Pre-ordered here (amazon-affiliate link). I’m looking forward to more stretching.


4 thoughts on ““Love Wins”

  1. maryann says:

    i have no idea what is going on the the Twitter world but i can imagine they are crucifying Rob as a universalist. Pity that so many people hide in their fears rather than education into their “enemy”. If people actually listened to his weekly sermons they would hear a very sincere and intelligent man leading a church of people to love Jesus more and show that love to others in their city and world. God is Love…even death couldn’t hold Jesus….Love Wins.
    Biblical, historical, witty and sincere in His love for the cross and Jesus….i am sooooo done with the hiding in fear. I have had his book on preorder for weeks now…i get excited about being alive in this world where people like Rob are giving hope.

    • Rick says:

      It’s been awhile since they’ve gotten this worked up. For some it’ll be good, but for most it’ll be another black and white hate orgy. I’m taking it personally to the extent that I’ve been down this road before. I’ll read and hopefully be encouraged, but for anyone else – to each his own, you know?

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  3. Michelle says:

    So true! It’s amazing that groups that say they stand for lie can spend so much effort in opposition and bickering. AND all this before the book is even published! I’m shaking my head, although not very surprised. Never read a Bell book before, although I’m familiar with them & my husband has, but I’m looking forward to reading this one. Good marketing job HarperPress!

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