“Barton Hollow”

Sometimes, a song just jumps out and musically smacks you upside the head. Then, a whole project has a life of its own, a personality that you just fall in line with. Now, with their first “for real” album, I’m seriously liking The Civil Wars. Their live project from Eddie’s Attic and “Poison & Wine” were my introduction to the duo, though I was already a fan of Joy Williams from her CCM days. Now with Barton Hollow (amazon affiliate link) dropping today, I’ve got it on loop from my iphone and I might just keep it there for awhile. Good stuff – highly recommend if you want an acoustic, mellow bluesy bluegrassy vibe to help you through a melancholy kind of day.


One thought on ““Barton Hollow”

  1. […] checking the stats and numbers on my journal blog. There’s a new post there with the video of “Barton Hollow” from The Civil Wars (amazon.com affiliate link – and btw, huge recommendation to check them […]

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