One Word for 2011: FOCUS

I’ve posted on OVER COFFEE about my thoughts and beginning-of-the-year plans for the word FOCUS. I think it’ important to have some direction-setting goal for the year, leaving enough wiggle room to work through it over the upcoming twelve months. So it’s not a resolution, not a new promise to keep – instead, it’s just the way I intend to look at myself and the life around me to make more of it and come out better for it.

One of the questions in this morning’s sermon was asking, “are you a passive observer, or an active participant?” I’m more of an active participant over the past five years than the previous thirty-five, I’d venture to say. At least over the last eighteen months, I’ve discovered more about what floats my boat and what it means to experience meaningful things with folks in my life.

So spiritually, mentally, physically and philosophically I want to be focused on what’s good, what’s right, what’s real and what’s meaningful together. Anyone else in with me?


One thought on “One Word for 2011: FOCUS

  1. Alan Green says:

    I’m with you, Rick. Carpe diem. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may!

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