Questioning Faith

When Lehman’s Fall Called Capitalism into Question – John Paul Rollert – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review: “As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about business ethics, what interests me is how the crisis raised two fundamental questions about capitalism that the business community and the broader public are still wresting with, questions that should help to orient and shape how we teach business ethics to MBAs. The first of these questions is: How much faith should we have in capitalism?”

The article above from the Harvard Business Review points to situations surrounding the current recession/financial shortcomings in our world. Click there to read and think about implications there, then come back here to ponder together. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

What struck me most is that the general pieces of the mindsets here are the same for any mental framework we may rely upon foundationally. It might be religious and philosophical, political and business-oriented, relational and personal. We all have filters and props, and when the underpinnings aren’t able to stand up to the scrutiny, we lose our way.


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