Twenty Truths

Inspired by Amber Naslund‘s list, 20 Truths | Brass Tack Thinking, I’ll take some time to jot out some things I’ve found, discovered, re-discovered, and verified over the past few years:

  1. Talk is cheap. Listening is expensive.
  2. The folks who haven’t let you down in the past will trend towards that dependability in the future. The folks who have let you down will remain so. I can deal with both, but knowing the difference helps maintain the relationships.
  3. Anyone can teach the difference between right and wrong. It takes more to teach the difference between good and better.
  4. Working hard at what you love to do is still hard work. But you love to do it.
  5. Social media does not project a false image of who you really are. It’s a reflection, or even an amplifier, of your true self.
  6. The corollary to the previous point:
    if you suck in real life, you’ll suck online.
  7. “I reject your reality and substitute my own” can be deeply freeing, or cavernously debilitating.
  8. Music from the 80s was better than we thought it was then and better than we thought it would compare later on. This will not be true of music from the 90s.
  9. When going to the movies, DO NOT miss the trailers. Often, the promise of what’s to come is better than the reality of what’s playing now.
  10. No Starbucks Red Cups for me ’til after Thanksgiving.
  11. My bumper sticker for the morning commute: “If you tailgate any closer, I’ll let you drive.”
  12. The cost of doing it right the first time is less than the price of having to do it over and over when it’s not.
  13. Good friends are hard to find and worth the work to keep.
  14. Someday we are going to look back on all this and laugh our butts off.
  15. When trying a new food, take two bites: one to get past the shock, and a second to really see if you like it or not.
  16. Regret does nothing positive unless it motivates you to do better next time and to move on.
  17. Life is too short for bad coffee. This morning is too rough for bad coffee.
  18. Listen to the music. Read the pages. Stare at the architecture. Feel the texture. Taste the meal. Smell the coffeeshop.
  19. Find ways to travel far. And find ways to get lost near. Both will come in handy at the oddest moments, I’ve found.
  20. Loyalty is underrated.

There’s got to be more, bit putting some solid points down in a list has been fun. What is your list? Post some of your own life-findings in the comment, or leave a link if you’re blogging, too.


3 thoughts on “Twenty Truths

  1. Jon Hines says:

    #18 is a life defining point with #17 and #19 playing potentially important roles. As for #15, having eaten some weird stuff in some distant parts of the world, I would further suggest that some foods require two eating events to appreciate while others have left me with the knowledge that eating a second bite is just not in my best interests (ref: durian fruit)

  2. Dawn says:

    Absolutely love this. I wonder if I could actually come up with my own. I’d hate to think I couldn’t after 4o years of life.

  3. Rick says:

    Thanks, folks. 🙂

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