Breaking News

I hate it when relationships end. Stuff happens, and I get that. Feelings get hurt – been there, felt that, caused that. But we are better when we are together, and I’m bold (or naive) enough to say that means everyone everywhere every time.

Whether it’s me and another, or me and a group, or completely apart from me in any fashion – it should be a tough thing to disconnect. Maybe that’s the biggest pitfall in social media circles today, the ability to connect and disconnect with no muss, no fuss. There should be some pain. We should notice losing a part of ourselves that’s been shared with another. We should want to stay together.

But we part ways. I just don’t like it, and will usually begin to look for ways to make amends, ways to help bring peace, ways to reach a common ground that both/all sides might build fresh on. But sometimes, most times, there’s nothing there. Folks want out. Feelings are hurt. Offenses are made. Words are exchanged that cut and bite and tear. Selfishness and ignorance, perceived and real, take a toll. And healing is not only not found, it’s unwanted. Forgiveness isn’t on the menu, and apathy takes the place of bitterness after awhile.

Where once there was a connection, now: Meh.

I don’t like it. But I accept it. I refuse to like it, but “peacemaking” and “as much as it’s up to me, be at peace with everyone” forces me to let go, too. I’m sorry that it has to happen, but happen it must.



2 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Todd R. Vick says:

    I feel ya, dude. Good stuff. Unless you’re talking about me… 😉

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