My favorite conversations are simple. There’s some small talk, some catching up over old times and what’s happened since and have you heard from whomever. There’s a meal, or coffee for after dinner. And there’s a willingness on both sides of the table to share, to learn, to grow, and to want the best for the other.

Front corner table, Jamestown Coffee Co.

This isn’t a time for argument. There might be disagreements, but nothing disagreeable (there’s a difference). The discussion gets deep, but only as deep as needed. We’re encouraged to be real, but only as real as comfortable. There’s no steering, no agenda, no coercion, no campaigning. Just talk, just the facts, just stories of meaningful and important things. What book are you reading? What’s happening at work? How’s that dream working out? Where is faith leading you these days?

The shared table, the shared victuals, the shared stories and deep hearts – that’s what makes for good conversations.

[ht: Scott Adams, @sclegislator]


One thought on “Conversations

  1. Lisa Malloju says:

    This article makes me imagine what a relaxing life it would have been just to sit and relax and have the simple conversation with whomever about simple happenings on each other’s lives. No business talks, and just away from all the stress brought by our daily busy lives. Just stop, sit, have a coffee, and talk. Really relaxing.

    -Lisa Malloju

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