“Whatcha doin’?”

For the past few months I’ve been building a repository of social media articles and thoughts and quotes over on my tumblr blog, “Over Coffee”. I’ve learned lots of new ways to process and think about what I’m doing professionally and what I’m helping others with on a more personal level. But I’ve also been trying to watch for ways to do just a bit more than Tumblr, up to now, has been able to allow.

Enter the second level of “Over Coffee” – I’ve moved the posts from Tumblr to Blogger and I’m happy with the new space there. I was able to redirect my RickCaffeinated.com domain to the new site, so whatever branding and name I’m building can continue on. And we’re sitting on a weekend with some extra downtime so I can play with the site, add some pages from the old site, and get it looking hospitable and friendly for anyone happening by.

This blog will continue to be a journal of what’s going on, life stuff, coffee musings – all the usual. But for the first time since starting, my blogging feels right going in two different but still complementary directions. This site will be more personal with some of the ways my professional growth might affect my growth in various areas. And the other more professionally-directed website will have some writing on how personal life impacts over there as well. It’s still a great deal of back and forth, but I look forward to having “the other side of the coin” on the web.


2 thoughts on ““Whatcha doin’?”

  1. Todd R. Vick says:

    New site looks phenomenal, sir! Here’s hoping it accomplishes everything you want it to and more.

  2. Rick says:

    Thanks, Todd – phenomenal? Really? Think I overshot, was just going for “good” and “compelling”. Well, back to the drawing board. 🙂

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