I attended a presentation recently which was purportedly a panel about using social media in business. The panel was driven by an organization which didn’t have a background of social media engagement, and was spearheaded by an individual who, with no social media experience, opened the event by announcing that he had written a book which had everything you could ever possibly need to know about social media (a bold statement to say the least).

Subverting Social Media – Social Media Marketing Institute Blog – Social Media Marketing Institute – there is a wave of distrust building over folks claiming to be “social media experts”. In my own mind, I can count the folks I’d considered “gurus” on one hand – this is more about “I know where the bandwagon is and what all the buzzwords are, so pay me mega$ and we can help your business.” Spot on article here on the difference between what’s really happening and the problem with those who don’t “get it”.