No, today, I want to bring up another type of “Social Media expert” altogether: The kind that earns his or her validation from the company they work for, mostly as a marketing ploy engineered by said company.

More Buyer Beware: Social Media Roles and Titles are Marketing too. « The BrandBuilder Blog – I would tell you this was another good article, but instead here’s my comment to Olivier: “I don’t throw this kind of response around – ever – but damn, OB 🙂 – I hope I’m never a burr in your saddle. I think I pass your litmus tests on #3, and I actually think it’s a cool story. But I can definitely see how someone could’ve been propped up into my current position had management not been as careful and foresightful as they’ve been. It’s a slow process with lots of hard work and sweat, and we’re seeing that payoff. But now I’m proud of the honesty and integrity behind it that feels better than Jackson ever will. – p.s., yes I will be pulling a #2 and linking this from my tumblr site for posts from the smart kids. Thanks for posting this – will chew on this all week.”