Reflections On 42

Life, I’m finding, is strange and funny. In a good way, of course. Being connected with so many new friends on Twitter and on LinkedIN, and reconnecting with so many old friends and acquaintances on Facebook – there is just something fascinating about the way we interact over time in the short bursts and over the long haul. I’m grateful for all the birthday wishes, and for the general good karma that swings back around for us when we just try to play nice.

For some folks, high school was the best time if their lives. For others, it was the college years. I’ve heard it for the twenties, too, enjoying some freedom before settling down. Generally I would’ve said my thirties were the most fun I’ve had. But now that I’m deeper into a fourth decade, I’ve got to say my forties aren’t too shabby. Maybe there’s something to be said for living in the moment, for being fully present right now.

When my folks turned 42, in their lives their oldest son (me) was engaged to a lovely girl (my wife). Seems like a huge difference from where we are with an upcoming high school freshman and seventh grade middle schooler. The next year for them brought an empty nest (Jeff left on ministry call). Wondering if they felt they were living in the moment or not. As they head out on a two week cross country drive this weekend, I think they’re definitely living that way now.

Tomorrow, I’ll still be forty-two. Like most of my high school chums, I’ll be feeling the burn of middle age and beyond. And honestly, I’m good with that. As much as life keeps getting better, I just want to make sure I’m awake enough and working hard enough to enjoy it.


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