Bloggers have the same problem with speaking events. They work for whuffie but aren’t sure how to be taken seriously or get paid. They move from one Podcamp to another, hoping to make it onto a bigger stage but often, it doesn’t seem to work.

How to get paid for what you do for free « in over your head – I’ve been asked this a few times over the past week, and this is the best post and subsequent conversation on the topic I’ve seen. I’ve found like others here that doing it long enough gives you an amount of cred, and working hard at it adds to that value for anyone looking for help. “Working hard to redefine easy for you” has popped into my mind and posts from others this past week as well.

I sent emails today, because of this article as a matter of fact, just checking to see where various projects are, what value have they found in their new tactics and such. Follow-up is the value-add that I think I need to focus on more, not just flinging information and opinion but also working with others to find a plan that works for them personally and for their niche professionally.