Good Week, Anyone?

Is anyone else just simply enjoying your week as much as I am right now? I’m curious,  because even with the hiccup I had this morning, I’m still feeling the overall happiness of being in the right place at the right time for the right reasons. There’s something about doing what you enjoy with people you like. I feel for folks who just cannot find that kind of happiness…

Whether it’s because they would rather be unhappy, or because culture and environment have conspired against them to make their days miserable, it makes me wish everyone could have one week where things went right, when projects would come together, when coworkers would be complimentary components of the team.

[Wow, that was a long sentence. Don’t make me diagram that.]

Are you doing what makes you happy? What’s keeping you from that? Can you see a way to change what you’re doing so it can be better? Or maybe to move out of it to something more life-affirming? How much angst and drama do we bring on ourselves, and how much can we change it to make it more pleasant.

Are you happy? I am – hold on while I go pinch myself. Okay. I’m done.


3 thoughts on “Good Week, Anyone?

  1. Blake says:

    I was thinking about this the other day… In the past few weeks I’ve found myself happy to wake up, happy to go to work, happy to finish a project, happy to cut the grass etc… It must be that I am doing what I enjoy. No complaints here!

  2. Rick says:

    Well put, Blake. Part of this started with me and a Twitter conversation awhile back where I decided I needed to stop setting up for bad stuff on Mondays. It’s made the whole work week that much better. Even a #$%^ hiccup yesterday morning didn’t really phase me, and I still posted the happy happy post last night.

  3. Larry Day says:

    Do what you love…love what you do…or do something else 😉

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