A week after finishing CRUSH IT by Gary Vaynerchuk (2009 HarperStudio, Amazon affiliate link), and I’m still breathing the buzz. My biggest takeaway, something everyone needs to chew on for a bit, is that being happy is paramount and worth the hard work to get it done right.

You may have picked up this book because you want to know the secret to my success. Well, my secret is that I live by three pretty simple rules: Love your family. Work super hard. Live your passion.

That’s it. Notice that I don’t mention the Internet, or social media tools, or even technology, even though they have been crucial to everything I’ve accomplished in the last few years. That’s because I measure success by how happy I am… (pp. 2-3)

I feel the draw to this take on life because I’ve been, at least recently, living some of it out. I’m all for the career change that gives you something to chew on that’s worth chewing. Pursue your own dreams, find a way to make a living off of that, and watch for opportunities to make it payoff and add to your happiness.

[After mentioning the success of Oprah] Everyone has the ability to achieve great self-awareness, but we all occasionally lie to ourselves. Some of us, however, lie to ourselves more than others. (p. 51)

Achieving 100 percent happiness is the whole point of living your passion, of course, but to my mind that happiness is unachievable if you don’t recognize that with every decision you make, you’re building more than just a business, you’re building a legacy. (p. 128)

Work hard. Love your family. Remember the importance of your legacy. These things get lost in the day-to-day workplace, and I appreciate @garyvee‘s challenge to bring them back. If everyone would get into their professional lives with the same oomph they put into their leisure time – if everyone could be as excited about Monday 8am as they are about Friday 5pm – then I would think the economy would grow, families would benefit, marriages would thrive, and the workplace would be more profitable. It’s more than just doing what you’re assigned, doing enough to make the boss happy. Instead, what makes you happy, and what brings pride and success to your life for the betterment of everyone around you?

Warning: Do NOT skip ahead to Chapter 9 – reading one through eight will be the only way you’re ready for the depth of Chapter 9. And if you ignore that piece of advice, you’ll read it and then be mad at me because you won’t understand.

SPECIAL CREDIT – thanks to @WilliMac for passing the book along as part of the #GeekLibrary.


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: CRUSH IT

  1. Alan Green says:

    Cool. The people I know who truly invest in their families and work reap great rewards. I’ve read too many self-help books/articles which focus only on one and not the other. This myopic view limits the potential of both. I suppose for me a third crucial component would also be an investment in faith.

  2. Rick says:

    Thinking in the context here, that would be under “live your passion”. Finding that the more you follow those three, your DNA and passion and what makes you tick comes out of what you do. And it’s contagious.

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