Hello, World

This is new space for me online, but I’m open for real world “over coffee” as well – because it’s just so dang fun to share, to chat, to listen to, to connect with others on the path…

I’m looking forward to having this space to share whatever comes to mind in the genres of social media, buzz building, book reading, idea swapping, story telling and coffee swilling. Not necessarily in that order.

I’m sure at some point this site will be tied into every other “outlet” I have online. I used to tell myself, “I need an outlet for the voices in my head”. But it’s gotten to the point, I think, that I need to set some fences up around certain aspects professionally so those voices don’t clutter up the outgoing feed.

What do I mean? I think we’re rapidly approaching a time when our PRIVATE and PUBLIC and PROFESSIONAL personae will not be so easily compartmentalized. Pieces and part will of necessity feed into other pieces and parts, and an online whole will be something closer to the “real you” online. And the virtual will mingle with the real world in new ways as we connect in all of these areas. I see this space as a repository for the cool stuff I find, and it’ll be feeding the other pieces of my online footprint to give a more coherent whole… Or, a more convoluted whole.

Either way, I hope it’ll be a good thing that will allow me to share this aspect of who I am, of how I’m branding myself, as I grow into whatever comes next. Thanks for stopping by – feel free to leave your footprint somewhere around here as well, anytime.

And let’s make this real – invite me for coffee, and I might even buy the first round for the conversation.