I posted some time ago about “content versus content” – what fills your space compared to how we feel about your space, or something like that. This post is different, yet the more I think about it we’re in the same basic brainstorm, aren’t we?

Some people are great at providing content. Whatever they write, wherever they take a photograph, whenever they speak or share what’s on their heart – these folks have something worthwhile going on and they know how to use it. Maybe you look up to some of them, or maybe you employ some of them. Maybe you are one of them, in which case you can skip down to the comments and tell me what you’re thinking.

But sometimes, there’s nothing but an empty well. Folks without content might still be overly prolific, but what they’re piping out is just filler. They might be using lots of words, might be spouting big high-falutin’ fancy sounding jargon, but in the end you learn nothing, you get nothing, and you’ve lost a part of your life that time will never get back. You know some, or maybe you are one. I’m betting that if you are one you don’t know it – but if that’s the case, you didn’t read this far and you’re adding filler to my comments right now. If you suspect you might be in this category and you’re still reading though, I’ve got one more thing.

As someone who appreciates good content, and who hopefully shares and expresses good content, or at least can show that I’m one who’s trying hard to be the former over the latter – I ask this question: Are you content? And if not – why not? It’s my experience that reveals that those who share good content are by and large more content than those who are merely living out the filler. So if you’re not happy or you’re not content…

Fill up on the good stuff. Fill up on good content. Fill up to overflowing on good writing, great photography, seriously deep movies, fun really joyful films. Stop eating the junk food of life, the filler that makes us think we’re full but really only masks the real hunger inside. And start eating the good stuff.

Those who have decent content are, generally speaking, full of good content themselves because that is what they are filling up with in this life. They are content, generally speaking, because their tastes and drives have brought them to this point. And the flipside downside is equally true: those with “just filler” are living off the crap, and the only overflow they have is of the porcelain variety in the… well, you get the picture.


2 thoughts on “CONTENT vs. FILLER

  1. Thanks, Rick — so true!

    Some of us keep spinning on the same stuff — “filler” — because there is a disconnect between what our heads tell us about how things work & what we’re able to actually live into. I am at last over my concern about adding to anyone else’s knowledge or understanding & willing to just lay it all out there as worth whatever it’s worth to anyone but me.

    It seems like the most valuable content is a life lived transparently in pursuit of the abundant life. Whether we live into it or whether we just keep missing it, at least onlookers get to flesh out a working map of life for their own use.

    So my main criteria in judging a blog or a book or a sermon is “is it a reflection of this person’s real life, inside and out?”

    And to me, only putting on a mask that fits a culture or ideology is equivalent to “filler”.


  2. Rick says:

    I think you’re in the same ballpark. For me, I’m hoping I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut unless opening it brings more value than my silence. “Hope” being a loose term, evidently 🙂

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