got tools?

It’s Friday morning and we had a problem first thing with the Internet connection from the wifi router. Enter Daddy Man, able to (mostly) save the day. But as I was tweaking and unplugging, plugging and untweaking, my right lens popped out of my glasses.

“Oh no, I shot my eye out.” – Ralphie

I looked and there it was on my ample tummy. My glasses were otherwise intact, screws and all. Overtime the right lens screw had parted ways with its friend Mr. Frame far enough to drop Mrs. Lens … well, you get the picture.

My Dad says you can do anything if you’ve got the right tools. I’ll add being able to find those tools and then know how to use them. It’s the same for doctors, lawyers, loggers, DJs, chefs, cowboys, baristas (some of my heroes have always been baristas) – have tools, find tools, use tools.

I went to the kitchen for a butter knife to screw in the tiny tiny screw. Too big. My finger nail was the right size, but the finger it’s attached to is way too large for this task. Then I remembered that I have, can find, and know how to use the previously forgotten optical screwdriver in my handy dandy backpack.

Tool found. Tool used. Glasses intact. Tool put back in backpack for the next time I’m an idiot with a screwdriving kitchen knife.


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