Twitter and Facebook is lighting up with the emotion that comes with the sound I’m hearing on the metal roof of our back sunroom: “it’s RAINING!!!” Whenever there’s ALL CAPS and lots of !!!! exclamation marks, that’s real raw emotion… well, at least it passes for excitement. For most of us, we hope it’s a respite from the pollen haze that’s been working destruction on our sinuses and nasal passages.

Rain is cool. It’s cooling. It’s wet, washing away and washing down and washing up the stuff in life that’s been stagnant for too long. Right now, I hope it’s cleaning the plant yuck off my Mini Cooper. Off our driveway. Out of our air.

Tonight Vicki and Cammi are in Tennessee at a skating competition. I’m home with T, watching Top Gun tonight, heading to work in the morning. We’ll have a good time – but tonight with the rain, I miss the girls. I wish them well, and as the thunder rolls into Cayce, I know my Little Princess will kick booty in her pending events. But I miss them.

Tomorrow will be a good – and hopefully pollen-free – day, and I look forward to doing what needs to be done, making room for what T and I want to do after. Movies, hamburgers, pizza, whatever for a weekend of men. But tonight – it’s rain. And it’s a good thing to think about the cleansing strength of a good downpour.


One thought on “rain

  1. paige says:

    The rain put me straight to sleep. It was a beautiful sound. Have a great weekend.

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