never done it that way before…

This has been a good week at work. Scratch that. From last Friday to today, it’s been a wonderful week to be employed. And that’s really the crux of my conundrum tonight.

I’ve never really blogged about work before.

In the past I’ve posted photos from business trips, and I’ve talked about things that might have happened in the office, or maybe about conversations and opportunities with friends on the job. But I’ve never really blogged ABOUT WORK. Many of you know I started a new job last August 2009, that I left a good situation under my own gumption to take a position working for a friend in a new place with new challenges and new opportunities. But I’ve never really posted anything, since the beginning of my blogging life, on THIS IS MY JOB, THIS IS WHAT I DO, THIS IS WHERE I WORK.

And I want to so bad. But, in all fairness and caution, I am going to defer for the time being. I’ll write something, run it by the powers that be for editorial approval, and I’ll post soon if I’m able. Or if not – and that’s a likely and okay option in my book – then I’ll post “my story” some other way.

Why have I never done this before? Mostly, it’s because some people don’t think it’s a good thing. Companies have reputations to uphold, branding initiatives to run, and shareholders to protect. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would hurt the company first or my job second. Having written that now, though, I confess that in my current position, that line is very blurry, with more of a back and forth going on between who I am personally and who I represent professionally.

This is my encouragement for anyone and everyone: I think it’s a good idea to NOT blog or tweet or set your status on Facebook with anything that would tie you to your workplace. Err on the side of, “hmm, will this get me fired or not?” and leave it alone. That’s been my take for many years, and will continue to be the way I look at the privilege, process, release of being able to blog.

But this one time, maybe I’ll invent my own loophole. After checking with the boss, of course. It’s been a really good week.


3 thoughts on “never done it that way before…

  1. Todd R. Vick says:

    Nice to get paid doing what you love, my friend. I am very happy you have found that in such good measure.

  2. Chuck says:

    Good advice.

  3. Rick says:

    Todd – highly recommend.

    Chuck – yeah, George and I were talking about how you might approve… 🙂

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