you make the call

Just for the record, here in Cayce there is a wet ground that may or may not be iced over in the morning. Other than that, there’s no blizzard in this neck of the woods.

But we weren’t sure of that this morning when my alarm went off at 6am. With “winter weather” forecasting today, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to attend the codecamp downtown. To be honest, only a couple of the topics were going to be of interest to me – and lucky me, the iPhone Developer session was going to be early at 8:45am. No one else was up of course, and it was so warm and cozy inside compared to the impending mess and yuck outside.

I really wanted to go, and I also really didn’t want to go. That’s not a contradiction, just the truth. It’s fun to learn things, and going would mean meeting other folks and networking a little while also getting some inspiration to do something new and challenging and profitable. Staying home would mean being warm, staying in my pajamas, and enjoying the day as a lump on the couch. But sides of this argument were viable, and no one could blame me either way.

So I went.

I only attended that first session, and had a really nice time. I’m going to try my hand at (1) getting a Mac for work and iPhone development proper, and (2) writing an app or two that might be a cool side-business addition to the family Christmas fund. I left after that first sessions – Vicki’s going through the crud today after the kids have dealt with their share this week, so Daddy was needed at home. But I’m glad I went, and look forward to whatever push might come from my early morning audience participation.

In the end, the only “reason” I would’ve had to stay home was not wanting to go. “I don’t want to” is a big deal, but not if it’s balanced with “I also really do want to go” and all the other positives on that side of the ledger. If the only reason I have to not do something is “I don’t want to”, I hope I’ll continue to be open to make the call and just go ahead and do the thing.


One thought on “you make the call

  1. Melissa says:

    I hate that feeling – when you know if you just get out the door, you’ll be so happy, but you just don’t. want. to.

    I experience that a lot when I’m attempting to go for a morning run – especially the 5:30 a.m. runs in the summer, before it gets too hot. It’s so hard to get from the bed to the door! But once I do, I feel so amazing for the rest of the day.

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