2010 resolved

I posted these on Twitter yesterday for 140-character posterity. Resolutions are not my forte’. But like everyone else, a new calendar is a good time to self-reflect and make some adjustments. I’ve found short lists have a better chance for real change, and that vague goals actually work better than hard numbers (think grace over legalism). So here are my aspirations as 2010 kicks into gear.

2010 Resolution 1) blogging: ~4 posts per week – Twitter has eaten into my writing, want to get to at least one meaty post per week

2010 Resolution 2) read ~25 books – doable, one per 2wks. Not picky on medium – paper, kindle app, even audio. Finishing 25 is the goal. (starting with Last Night In Twisted River, John Irving)

2010 Resolution 3) – serve – volunteer to help someone move, work what’s needed, get involved in a meaningful way. Door’s wide open here.

2010 Resolution 4) – read and savor the New Testament through the year, taking time to get into the Story, letting more of it get into me. (this one was untwittered, but I am already hitting up the YouVersion app on my iPhone for reading plans here)


3 thoughts on “2010 resolved

  1. james says:

    Nice, acheivable goals. I want to read more this year as well, and 25 is a doable number, though I confess in the early-90’s, at which time I started keeping a list of books I read, I was reading a lot: 78 books in 1994 down to 30 in 1997. So many books, so little time…

  2. Melissa says:

    Happy 2010! I should do more reading as well … your resolutions are inspiring.

  3. Blake says:

    I think we share some of the same ambitions.

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