my turn

I’m posting this picture in response to Alan’s moanful discourse on everyone’s predisposition to only post the good photos, the victorious stories, the good times online on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not a bad picture, but it’s as bad as I’ll put up. It’s not George’s sleepy pic, and it’s not me with drool. But that’s it – I need a shave, I need a haircut, my eyes are tired, and all my chins are there in perfect harmony. And here’s the thing – there’s nothing wrong with that. We dress and cover to both hide our flaws from others and to hide others from themselves, I think. It’s a mutual understanding, and that’s not a bad thing. There’s enough raw brutal honesty that only deals with the looks, the scene, what the senses take in – but in my estimation, there’s not enough depth in the world. And that depth isn’t that we hide our ugliness, but instead that we hide our beauty for the same fear as well.

There’s room for more truth, more honesty, more authenticity. But I beg you, keep your bad photos off my FB wall, and I promise to do the same. Deal?


3 thoughts on “my turn

  1. Rodney Olsen says:

    I must admit that I’ve seen plenty of really bad photos of people on Facebook … many of them posted by their subjects.

    Having said that, don’t we all present our ‘best selves’ most of the time? Isn’t that why we shower and dress before leaving the house for work? Don’t we keep our conversation under control rather than just saying whatever pops into our heads?

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to present ourselves well. The problem is when we start pretending to be something very different from who we are.

  2. Rick says:

    Agree – if there’s any “dishonesty”, I think it needs to be towards who we would like to be, in a way that we’re growing towards that and not, like you said, pretending to be someone we’re not. Something like that.

  3. Melissa says:

    I like this post! One of my big hobbies these days is running. I write a lot about it on my blog. And sometimes there are pictures of me running to go along with it. At first, I cringed – do I really want to post pictures of me with no makeup, sweaty hair, etc. etc.? But eventually I caved and realized that short of waking up at 4 a.m. to put on waterproof makeup and have an artist meet me for touchups along the race course, that it is what it is – so pictures are there for everyone to see (not just the other crazies out there on race day!)

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