it’s our sunday

Slow relaxing start to a full Sunday in the Stilwell household. We’re up and almost ready for church this morning at Seacoast-Irmo. The kids are looking forward to their service in the old theater, and I’m ready for a good stretching and pulling spiritually in the main sanctuary as well.

Then we’ll head downtown for a parking space and lunch – I’m thinking Five Guys? Carolina Wings? – before hiking to The Colonial Center for Trans-Siberian Orchestra this afternoon. I’m really looking forward to that, an opportunity for our first all-of-us-are-going concert with a great stage show and Christmas rock.

After that, we’ll come home to finish up whatever leftovers are left over, and we’ll kick into our Advent time in the Mosaic Bible – again, something I’ve been looking forward to with all-of-us-in-attendance.

For all of that as always, feel free to follow and interject on Twitter where I’m sure I’ll be posting nonsense and Vicki will be reprimanding as needed, in a good way of course.


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