• My wife, Vicki, better every year.
  • Our kids, growing up and maturing in spite of us.
  • Family dinners, today and every Sunday.
  • Jesus, loving and giving and bringing Life abundantly.
  • Stretchy pants.
  • New friends, making connections all over geography and the internet.
  • Old friends, reconnecting all over geography and the internet.
  • New fun exciting scary growth-inducing employment.
  • Getting to travel these past few years to FL, to PA, to WA, to CA, to PR, to VA.
  • Not having to travel nearly as much this past year.
  • Twitter, for the semi-coherent “conversations” with followers and followings.
  • Connecting with folks here in @ColumbiaSC where everyone’s #famouslyhot.
  • Hashtags.
  • Facebook, where everyone’s growing old and loving it instead of hiding it so much.
  • Technology – no, really – that changes the dynamic of “relationship”, in a good way.
  • Not having to sit at my laptop every night after work to keep working.
  • Having time to read, to write, to read over what I write and edit a bit.
  • That peanut butter pie.
  • Both of you reading.

Thanks – and happy thanksgiving to all.


2 thoughts on “#iamgratefulfor

  1. jeffabel says:

    I want some of that pie – it looks amazing! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. George says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. And remember, stretchy pants are not appropriate attire for work.

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