funky fresh tunes

I don’t buy much music anymore. Well, that might not be completely true – I buy more than some, not as much as others, and not nearly as much as I used to. Maybe two album downloads a month, see if something new is coming and wait for it. Mostly, I pick and listen from whatever sources can give me a mix that I enjoy. “What kind of music do you like?” has always been a difficult question to answer. I’m picky, fairly off-beat in my choices, and tend to listen to pieces a long time before pulling the trigger to make the purchase.

This week, I hit the trifecta with three albums – one free and the other two iTunes downloads. Think that’ll hold me ’til Christmas (note: it’s ILLEGAL to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving unless you’re in an elevator or WalMart; or at least it should be).

51Atq8-kJFL._SS500_Tuesday, the new Switchfoot album dropped. HELLO, HURRICANE is really good. I downloaded it for Trace Tuesday morning and loaded it up for my iPhone and the a.m. commute to work. Never mind that Tropical Storm Ida was moving though the area dumping a wet nasty hurricane on the morning interstate. This album was just right, hitting the right hard heavy and the right soft light. “Mess Of Me” (love the acoustic version), “The Sound”, and “Needle and Haystack Life” (very U2-esque) are highpoints for an album that’s full of great work.

over-the-graveThursday, folks on Twitter were mentioning Sojourn. A quick check and I was hooked. I downloaded the latest, OVER THE GRAVE. This is a church music group, but it’s not your momma’s church music group. For Christian music, they’re very different from the norm. They’re as from the mainstream Christian vibe as the David Crowder Band is different,  but they’re nothing like DCB. It’s almost like Dave Matthews and OAR started to do worship music, and this is the studio album they produced. It’s got lots of depth in the lyrics and in the instrumentation. These songs aren’t mamby pamby Jesus-is-my-homey songs – missional, covers of hymns, hard-hitting praise, hopeful and melodic. Again, another great commute album.

51Atq8-kJFL._SS500_The third piece in my musical adventure this week was free, and I’m really grateful to have finally clicked though another Twitter recommendation to download LIVE AT EDDIE’S ATTIC from The Civil Wars. Joy Williams and John Paul White share an acoustic set that is right up there for me with the soundtrack of ONCE, right up there with Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, right up there with She & Him. Songs like “Poison & Wine” and “Tip of my Tongue”, with a playfulness that’s fun to listen to. It’s classy, bluesy, smokey, acoustic, raw – perfect for the conflicted melancholy that fills in after a big time football loss… okay, maybe not so much with the football, but it is perfectly matching my vibe this evening and for that, I am thankful.


2 thoughts on “funky fresh tunes

  1. George says:

    Our Church Praise Band played Sojourn’s “Only Your Blood is Enough” in church last weekend. It’s the only song I’ve heard of theirs but I really LOVED it. I need to get the whole album.

  2. James says:

    Though I keep music on at the house almost all of the time, I haven’t listened to anything new, purchased a CD or downloaded any music all of this year. I think I’ve reached “old guy” status, listening to all of the old crap I’ve got. The exception has been two tracks I downloaded for a DVD I’ve been working on, but that was not for listening purposes.

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