I hate homework.

I’m 41 years old, almost twenty-five years removed from public secondary education, and I believe I dislike it more now than I did then. It is the bane of my evening interaction with the kids, and I would much rather let them play and relax than work on tomorrow’s list of vocabulary words or next week’s history essay.

My question: is homework really necessary?

There are movements in the social and political arenas to do away with the evening assignments, and I can understand why for the most part. I do still see value in the practice, and good study habits have to be developed somewhere. But it just seems that the over-emphasis on testing, on raising scores, and on college preparation has made school more of a 24/7 proposition for our kidlets.

Maybe I’m just too crotchety. Probably a good thing I don’t have any homework.


5 thoughts on “homework

  1. Nan says:

    I teach school~do you know HOW bad I hate to come home to 4th grade and 7th grade homework each night. I teach High School Spanish and 7th grade English/Language Arts~Homework is not cool, nor is it remotely FUN! Grrrrr….thanks for posting this.

  2. Bobby says:

    I certainly think that homework has become a crutch against bad teaching but a certain amount of homework (papers, word lists, some memorizations, etc.) are absolutely necessary, particularly up to the fifth grade. After that the jury is out, but certainly the focus needs to change to be more creative stuff which I’m sure you would be more helpful and interested.

  3. janet says:

    I, too, see some value in extra practice. But the degree to which they are tied to paperwork is ridiculous. To a certain age, the need for repetition is just how the brain functions and understanding/implementation develops later. But still, it’s frustrating especially if your child struggles to begin with. Things are better now, but when our 9yo doesn’t “get” it, we’re talking four hours of work each night.

    My 7th & 8th grade girls have very little work by comparison.

  4. Amy Wiegrefe says:

    I’ve known you since fifth grade, and know what a brilliant mind you have, so this comment surprises me. (And by the way, I am back in college again, and I really hate homework!). But I think it is the way in which homework is assigned. If the homework is to give the student real practice to enable them to go to the next lesson, than it is important. But sometimes, I wonder if the homework assigned really meets that goal. The point of homework is to learn and grow not get bogged down with an upset stomach and lack of sleep because it is just all too much….

  5. Rick says:

    My ranting is balanced with laziness on my part and on the kids’ wanting to do anything else other than HW :). I learned in college hat poor study habits I had/have, so there’s some merit to all the above. But sometimes it seems there’s a lack of creativity maybe, providing more busy work than something reinforcing positively… maybe. 🙂

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