almost november

This has definitely been a full and filling year so far. We’re at the end of October, just two more months to go. I’ve changed jobs, something I did not see coming from the perspective of last January. I’ve met new folks, stepping outside my own comfort space into the more social aspects of social media. I’ve scaled back on spiritual ritual while, I hope, ramping up a bit spiritually. I’ve been reading more, writing probably a little less, and tweeting at 140-characters-a-pop way too much.

One of the highpoints I hope to build on is being more “there” with Vicki and the kids. It seems like the stress of job stuff and change made me more irritable this past year, and that’s probably spilled out more on the kids than anywhere else. But I hope it’s changing for the better, too. There’s less PC time with having to ration minutes with them, and I hope the sharing is doing me sone good, getting me unplugged a little more (he types sincerely from his iPhone).


One thought on “almost november

  1. melissaoyler says:

    Keeping busy does require figuring out the right balance. I know that’s something I’ve struggled with as well. As far as the iPhone goes, I think it can help us find that balance if we let it! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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