It’s funny how different words can mean different things depending on context. Or in this case, how the same word has seemingly different meanings. One of the phrases bouncing through my head for this workweek has been “content content content” – in regards to blogging or anything communicated online, it’s the same as the real estate “location location location” mantra. Without decent consistent evolving content, no one will read. No one will come back. No one will listen. If a tree falls on an outdated blog in the forest…

But the word “content”, meaning stuff in your whatever, is also “content”, feeling good about whatever, as in, “are you content?” Reading that, I might be my own content somehow (stuff to communicate), but there’s also the question of my own “content”edness. Am I content? Do I feel good about my stuff, my whatever, my life, my universe, my everything?

Am I “content content content”?


One thought on “content

  1. […] Thoughts, Weblogs, Writing, social media on May 10, 2010 at 5:30 am I posted some time ago about “content versus content” – what fills your space compared to how we feel about your space, or something like that. […]

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