like christmas

Today has been one of those days. I’ve discovered anew that I am not a patient man. I might have a front of patience, but that’s probably just laziness. No, real patience would look different – nothing like me and my constant check/re-check of email and twitter through the day, waiting for the google wave invite that I just know is always coming, always just about to show up in my gmail inbox to change the world as I kno…. no, just spam, or a twitter follow, or news of a new release on itunes.

I’ve been through this before. Today was also coffee day, again like Christmas, arriving home to a box of delivered caffeinated goodness (pumpkin spice blend right now, as a matter of fact). Earlier this year, while on vacation no less, there was the countdown to iPhone 3.0 – waiting waiting waiting with the rest of geekdom for the upgrade of our beloved addictions. Last week – was it really just last week? – same thing again with the finally-rolled-out MMS media capability on that same addiction, I mean, device.

Twitter is wonderful for finding information and for joining in the collective impatient angst of the world. That’s what it’s been like all. day. long. And now that it looks like we’re close, it’s too late, I’m too sleepy, and the coffee is just not going to allow me to stay up long enough to do anything with it if I even get…… hey wait – EMAIL! Could it be? Could it… nope. Money waiting for me in an offshore account. Again.


2 thoughts on “like christmas

  1. Just noticed this is an older post. How did you get all the cool “widgets” I suppose that is what they are called at the bottom of your post?? I am a week old blogging — pretty green at all this. Merry Christmas — 2010! =)

  2. Rick says:

    I’d be interested to know how this old post came up for you. 🙂 The “share” icons at the bottom are a plug-in on – just turned them on and they show up to let others share what’ there. Hope that helps, ho ho ho.

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