breakfast, etc.

This morning was fun. A few of us were able to get together for breakfast at Lizard’s Thicket (fish & grits – don’t knock it ’til you try it), just hanging out over coffee and a meal. One of the things that is neat is that after so much time, not really being or staying that close over the years, it’s still a group of people you enjoyed being around enjoying being around each other again.


I had some other funny “I should totally blog that” lines in my head while I was driving home from the get-together, but they completely escape me as I sit to type. So I’ll just thank everyone for coming, let those who couldn’t make it know they were missed. I think we drank enough coffee for everyone.

It’s been a good week. I’m enjoying the new job, and looking forward to using newly discovered social media tricks in making a worthwhile contribution. I had a good time of just catching up and encouragement with Bobby Thursday evening, and our dinner out with Bruce and Debbie at Punjabi Daba was spicy good, too. I’m hitting a groove, or at least hope so, where I feel productive, feel like I’m making a difference and leaving a mark. And that’s a good thing, because with the economy the way it is, there seems to be enough negative backflow going on out there already. Having a something positive to say about life, the universe and everything is a definite plus.

I even look forward to Monday.

I mean, after a good long weekend full of friends, good food, and a few football games. Still have to have priorities, right?


2 thoughts on “breakfast, etc.

  1. Patrick says:

    So sorry I couldn’t join you guys this morning! I hope I can make it for the next one!

  2. Rick says:

    We’ll do it again – holler out when you’re through town, Patrick.

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