rosencrantz & gildenstern deal with drama

One of the things that I think is standing out to me in my old age is that, most of the time, we bring our own drama into our lives. If we don’t bring it, we allow it, don’t we? Sometimes it might be the baggage and turmoil of other players in our little play, but by and large we are our own major protagonist and our own villianous antagonist in the ongoing show that is My Life: The Drama.

When I check my own tales, the downs and the spirals have usually been around bad choices, around my own weaknesses, around the stresses and how I’ve dealt with them. Maybe it’s the same with you – or maybe I’m the cause of your stress and drama, too. In which case, I’m sorry – but no, I’m not. You’re lying. Get over it.

I’m hopeful that one of the big life lessons our kids take out of our home (and notice, I said “take out” and not just “grow up with” – they will be trained to take their drama out, thank you very much) is that how you respond to, how you react to, how you perceive life’s stuff will go far in determining how much drama overtakes one’s life. Wow, that was a long thoughtful sentence, and I’m hoping it makes sense as I proof and re-read. Okay – moving on – really, how much drama can I avoid if I am able to be grounded, be steady, be hopeful, be realistic?

Drama can be good. It can bring about needed change, can kick us out of the rut of boredom, can lead us to grow up and move out of our parents’ home (there it is again – wow, what am I dealing with subconciously?), can open up new possibilities for dealing with the same stress and struggle that everyone deals with every day. It’s how we play along, how we improvise and work out the character, that makes the big difference. Otherwise, My Life: The Drama becomes a soap opera with the same storylines replaying over and over, sometimes with aliens and others with deranged stage mothers.

Just a note: this has got to be the weirdest piece I’ve posted in a long, long time. For both of you reading… well, you’re probably not anymore. But thanks anyway. Goodnight, and thanks for the cheese.


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