friday is good

from iphone 082609 028It’s been a good week, the end of a good start at the second “first week” I’ve had for a job since college. That’s two “first weeks” in just over nineteen years. Tonight we went out to Longhorn for steak, our little treat to ourselves in the midst of change and new adventurous beginnings.

My big goals for the weekend: watch the manchild mow the yard, and finish a book. The first will be done tomorrow, and I’m about to get started on the second. Tonight, we’re watching Psych, one of our favorite shows and one of the few times in a week when the kids will sit with us and the TV not have to be on Cartoon Network.

Friday. Does a body good.


One thought on “friday is good

  1. […] left the ID Card and car hanger tag and laptop on the desk of my supervisor, one of my friends. And I started working for a new boss with a new ID Card, driving to a new parking lot for the Mini Cooper, sitting in front of a new PC […]

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