seasons change

I’ve been posting some song/videos on my Facebook wall– Song #1 was “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer; Song #2, “New Divide” by Linkin Park from the new Transformers flick. I’m adding Song #3 this morning, “Seasons Change” by Expose’.

This time of year brings with it lots of change. I think it’s the activity around school kicking back into gear. Vicki’s been back since Wednesday, the kids start back this next Wednesday, and the whole city is filled with newcomers as the University welcomed students back to campus as well. Even though on the calendar “summer” still have a few weeks to go, we all know that summer is over, that football is nigh, and, well, things change.

We watched Frost/Nixon last night, and I give it five-out-of-five stars for just about everything being spot on and entertaining. The story, of two men really at a turning point in their professional, personal and emotional lives is that they both realized it, both did their best to push through it, and both had success and failure and the future wrapped up, for the most part, in that narrow slice of time. Both were undergoing change, and both were looking at the possibility with courage and with fear. I think we need to do that more than we do, that we need to look at the challenges and opportunities and challenges ahead in life with a mixed measure of confidence and trepidation, and with that balance, move forward for better or for worse.

Just a thought with the second cup of Sunday coffee kicking in. Time to change for church.


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