midweek whatever

  • Today was a pretty good day; needed to be after what amounted to TWO Mondays
  • I’m looking forward to upcoming changes and opportunities. Or, as I believe, anything with the proper coffee in hand
  • GI Joe – 2.5 stars, not bad, better then Wolverine
  • WIPEOUT is the best show on television – you have got to love the Big Balls
  • G-Force – kids gave 3D version 2.5 out of 5, and hooray for pooping mice
  • Vicki started back to school today, with the kids starting back next week; poor family, so sad
  • Ate brats at Mom & Dad’s tonight – I am so full right now
  • Time to read – want to finish THE TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE before seeing the movie next week

3 thoughts on “midweek whatever

  1. Dave says:

    “Good night, and big balls.”

    (haven’t popped in for a while. hope you’re doing well, sir.)

  2. Rick says:

    Yes, doing well – good to hear from you and the Big Balls.

  3. James says:

    Yeah, G-Force was okay, I agree with the 2.5, though I will pass on GI Joe. To me, GI Joe is a WWII guy with a beard. I’m too old to see GI Joe as anything else. I did manage to see Hannah Montana this week, and, as much as I hate to admit it, thought it was the best Disney movie in a long time (Pixar excepted).

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