reading into reality

I was able to read a book this past weekend. A whole book. With pages and a binding and everything. For those of you who have been paying attention – okay, if you had been paying attention – you the reader would know that this is quite an accomplishment. Most days, I can count four or five books that I’m “reading”. It’s rare that I will finish one, and much more rare that I will read a whole book in a day. But that’s what I did Saturday.

I’ll post a more proper review and reflection on DROPS LIKE STARS by Rob Bell later. What struck me Saturday was the book’s ability to reflect and refract reality for me. It was very much an overall experience, rich and poetic and photogenic all in one large hardback package. And honestly, all of it worked together to bring me into a new space. somehow. For me, a “good book” is one that is not an escape from reality, but is a reflection of reality, a new perspective on reality, a different take on what is really real and really meaningful. The best stories, for me, are those that don’t whisk me away, but that instead encourage and enlighten the here and now. They make me think, make me feel, make me contemplate and chew on something bigger than whatever came before. That’s what this book did for me.

I’m watching The Universe on the History Channel right now. Just like a good book, good documentaries for me are those that are interesting and make me think and re-think while positing whatever facts and figures, dates and timelines. There is so much to know, so much to experience and live. Stretching mind and spirit in ways like this, beyond our own five senses, beyond our little worlds and interactions – that’s where I think we really grow and learn and live.


2 thoughts on “reading into reality

  1. george says:

    “Photogenic”? Was it a picture book? No wonder you finished it so quick. Can I borrow it next?

  2. Rick says:

    Was best word I could think of for photographic but not a photography book. Sure – after Vicki has a crack at it I’m going to keep it in the car to hand out and around.

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