my so-called conservatively liberal life

Last week, I was able to catch some of the opening remarks of the Senators for the Confirmation Hearings for Judge Sonya Sotomayor to the SCOTUS. I think public displays and speeches like this reveal more about individuals than the minuscule soundbites we normally get on the evening news. I was not able to follow the Day 2 and Day 3 goings-on, so I still need to catch up with video and transcripts at some point later on.

I find myself siding with the liberal side of the auditorium these days. I would self-classify as Moderate, but definitely Left of Center. I like the phrase “conservatively liberal”, feeling that it shows where on that line I would be placed and how far down I would go.

In matters of Law and the Judicial Branch, I think it’s too narrow to hold too tightly to “This is what the Law says – this is what the Law means – this is how the Law applies on 100% of applicable cases”. There’s too much room for misjudgment if there’s no room for making at least some perspective- based relative determinations where needed. Yes, there needs to be solid foundation, but the words themselves and our possibly fallible applications are not solid enough. Just when we think we have 100% of the facts, we find that we missed something, some exonerating factor that messes up the world we’ve made for ourselves.

For those of you reading this – both of you – thinking that I’m being too relativistic, perhaps I would agree. For those of you – the other two – who think you have all that figured out totally and completely and un-relativistically, I would respectfully disagree. I think I’m ok with the grey areas in my perspectives; but I also think that you’re in denial of your own relativistic biases.

But I could be wrong.


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