to the moon

This summer I’ve turned forty-one – and today, the world remembers and celebrates the fortieth anniversary of man’s landing on the Moon. My favorite subjects come together – History, Sci-fi, Biography. I hope some of the historical perspectives, the wonder of doing things that really matter, the excitement of discovery – I hope some of that rubs off on the almost-12-yr-old girl laying on the couch right now, watching The History Channel with me on this early summer morning, and her probably-still-asleep-almost-14-yr-old brother upstairs.

There’s something special about exploring, about discovering, about stretching ourselves beyond what we think we’re capable of. It’s not only a mantra of the Star Trek universe. It’s a part of our DNA, the way we’re made. Or at least it makes sense to think so, doesn’t it? However God has made us, we are often at our best when we are working that out in extraordinary ways. Even in the “ordinary ways”, we are at our best when trying to do our best and attempting things that we think we couldn’t do before.

It’s about faith. Just like in the Bible – David, Moses, Esther, Elijah, Paul, and the rest doing things because they believed God would come through on, trusting that He and themselves would survive in whatever the aftermath. So this isn’t a self-righteous humans-can-conquer kind of mindset. Rather, I think it’s a feeling that in pressing further, we find there’s even further to press; that there’s something humbling about realizing our smallness, about further stretching our bounds, and finding there’s something still humbling out there to behold. It’s like a cycle, where we try something new and extend our reach, finding that we still have that much further to go. And it’s in that humbling exploration that we really discover more about God, and if we’re honest, about ourselves.



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