righting the writing

Blogging has always been, for me, a way to process life, the universe and everything (forty-two). I kept a spiral bound journal through high school that was more for boredom, for creative writing, for processing whatever boggled my mind full of mush. The onset of a more online presence, mainly in the form of an email list at first, then getting on the front of the blog bandwagon for the past almost seven years, was a way for me to get more personal in a more public kind of way. All that to say that I’ve been blogging for some time, and even if it’s slowed down a bit (or been replaced somewhat by Twitter), and even if it’s changed forms from various platforms and now to a shared WordPress/Facebook coupling – even now, it’s still a fairly large part of life, isn’t it?

I consider myself a writer, a ponderer, a journalist of the thoughts in my head. It’s never been a tool to share the Gospel, though I hope the Gospel has been shared in various ways and forms. I’ve not used it for marketing or moneymaking, though I have enjoyed books for review and coffee for sharing whatever insights and tastes I might bring to bear. It’s not a ministry to anyone but me – and while that might seem selfish, I know enough to say that I hope it’s also been helpful to others.

My google reader feed is full of blogs that embody all or some of that, but the best ones are those that simply tell the author’s story. If there’s anything gospel-y, anything ministering, anything worth selling, it’s our story and the way we interact with God, interact with others, interact together with each other. I’m of the mind that we all still have plenty of story to tell. So my encouragement to you the readers – to both of you who have read this far – is to remember that you have a story, too. We all do. And if we do not write them down, if we fail to share them with those around us, with those who wander through our tweets and facebook statuses – if we don’t tell our own stories of God at work in our lives together, then answer me this:

Who will?


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